Let's take the helm

Join the community that explores the best benefits of the coast and gives you the freedom to enjoy it your way.

The Manifesto

Only those who have experienced sailing, best can appreciate the enormous sense of freedom you feel on a boat.

Now that link to the sea, sailing knowledge and accumulated experience can be rewarded through the value of the Seacoast community and the potential provided by the blockchain technology.

SeaCoast is the platform that provides access to an ecosystem of content and services that acquire value thanks to the work of a 3.0 community.

This is the moment in history when we take the helm.

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SeaCoast sets sail with two apps


ShoreView is the app for sailors that allows you to enjoy the sea freely and safely with real-time and augmented reality alerts for jellyfish, anchors, and divers …in real time.


Portview is the app supported by Ports 4.0 that guides you to your berth with audio directions and augmented reality.

The team

Our team of founders comes from nautical, technology, sports, design and business, among other fields. Like our community, some of our founders are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and others are true experts. Together, we will foster SeaCoast’s opportunities, growth and profitability.

Do you want to be part of SeaCoast? 

We are open to new partners that help us grow the project.

Your information has the potential to save the ocean.

At SeaCoast, we consider the ocean to be our second home, and as such, we care about it and the uses that people make of it in order to ensure its proper conservation.

That is why we are dedicated to the SDG14 sustainable development goals, rewarding those who contribute content about polluting elements in the sea and on the coast.

Our Road Map

Stage 01


Acquisition of ShoreView, PortView projects

Unification of processes

Information Standardization

Stage 02

Integration and refactoring

Systems integration

Content, text, video and photo channel development

Seacoast Suite is created

Stage 03

Dissemination and new partners

Integration of partners and stakeholders in the process

Agreements with new agents and partnerships

Stage 04

Expansion and new scenarios

Experimentation and new types of content

Development of new forms of content discovery

New augmented reality devices

The Coastal Community 3.0

Our community will have the opportunity to earn rewards based on participation and engagement. How to participate?

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