Everything we do begins with ”Why”. Why did we create SeaCoast? Why would you be interested in such a product? Why is coastal digitization so important?

We have been studying and analysed the coastal nautical sector since 2019. It proved to be a highly centralized sector if we observe the ports. If we examine the nautical tools, the sector is Analogical.. If we scrutinize ways of collecting content and resources, it turns out disorganized. A sector that sometimes remains frozen in times. However, it boasts a great potential and shows continuous growth. Why not take the helm and help us all to make it stronger and more innovative.

And that brings us to here.

SeaCoast was developed to organize the contents in, to make sure we have updated information when we go sailing, to help us when entering the port and managing the mooring. It was created not only to take into account tools such as nautical charts but also to take into account algorithms, feeds, notifications, satellites. It was developed to make intelligent tools with a community content management, with a friendly interface and above all to offer a secure management. It was developed to use technology to build something better, that gives us freedom and facilitates those moments of leisure and enjoyment instead of taking it away from us. It is that simple and necessary.

SeaCoast’s mission is to digitize the creation, sharing and commercialization of contents, tools and resources about the coastal and marine world by incentivizing user participation through rewards and benefits associated with the use of $COAST tokens, inside and outside the SeaCoast ecosystem.
But above all our mission is to unite all those who love the sea and the coast in one place in order to, together with blockchain technology, augmented reality and expert knowledge, build something better.

Our journey


  • Implementation of Augmented Reality navigation.

  • Imray’s (reference in navigation maps worldwide) is part of the product now as a strategic partner. 

  • Integration of Imray cartography in Shoreview.


  • ShoreView was born as a tool to assist the sailors with augmented reality. 

  • First funding round of over €3 million in private and public funding for ShoreView.

  • Launch of MVP: more than 4,000 downloads in only 8 weeks located in Ibiza and Formentera.


  • PortView is chosen among more than 400 projects by Puertos del Estado, which provides a grant of 314,000 euros.
  • Launch of a new version of ShoreView with warnings, weather data and real-time content.

  • Launch of the SeaCoast ICO 

  • Creation of the $COAST Utility Token.

  • ShoreView as part of SeaCoast ecosystem.



  • Improvements in augmented reality and Imray cartography.

  • Sell the first Points of Interest on the application (POIs).


  • Enriche the ecosystem with new content.
  • New extended reality devices.


  • Launch of the rewards program associated with the $COAST token.

    Integration of the $COAST token into the Portview app.

  • Integration of Portview into SeaCoast for most of the harbors. 

  • Development of new content typologies based on community usage and experience.

  • Development of the B2B version of the SeaCoast suite to boost the companies that are part of the ecosystem. 

  • Framework agreements and new partnerships with companies and applications.

The team

Our team of founders comes from nautical, technology, sports, design and business, among other fields. Like our community, some of our founders are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and others are true experts. Together, we will foster SeaCoast’s opportunities, growth and profitability.

Counselor Board

Counselor Board