How does it work?

SeaCoast seeks to connect all agents linked to the coast to enhance their work and enjoyment activities through blockchain technology.

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A platform that digitizes all available services on the coast

Currently, coastal users use various tools to exchange all kinds of services, ranging from navigation to leisure or the practice of nautical sports. SeaCoast uses blockchain to unify all these services and facilitate agile exchange and monetization for stakeholders.

If you know the richest details of a specific area, for example, your specialty is diving in the Medes Islands, it is time to value all that knowledge. Acquire a thematic area of that coast, pour everything you know into it and start monetizing it with the COAST token.

For navigators

SeaCoast services include navigation apps such as Shoreview, and Portview, training resources, nautical tools and social spaces to share experiences and exchange digital content.
Blockchain technology takes navigation to another level.

Among other services, with SeaCoast you will be able to:

  • Create channels: Delimit the area of the coast you know best and offer tips such as where to anchor, find a coast guard, etc., earning tokens for sharing expert knowledge in that particular area.
  • Monetize the mooring: Take advantage of your mooring spot when it is available both with the port and with other sailors.

For traders and companies

SeaCoast makes it possible to make extra profit for coastal businesses, expanding the number of available customers and offering new business opportunities in an expanded digital space.

As an entrepreneur, with Seacoast you can:

  • Launch geo-targeted promotions that offer better conversion rates than conventional, generic Web applications2.
  • Improve customer commitment, thanks to a reward system that encourages real commitment between the business and consumers.

For instructors and nautical explorers

SeaCoast offers services such as guides to visit wonderful places, discover new scenery and make the most of your time on the coast, allowing you to get benefits for enjoying your favourite hobby.

With SeaCoast, explorers will be able to:

  • Create itineraries with the ship’s cell phone or MMSI, recording the points of a day at sea and customizing the experience with multimedia resources to offer it to the community.
  • To value the top places that are far from mainstream tourism, creating “curated” records through COAST that are validated by the community.

For residents, occasional and permanent, on the coast

SeaCoast is perfect to access exclusive events, leisure plans and very profitable promotions.

If you live on the coast all the time or occasionally, SeaCoast offers you:

  • Direct access to agreements with car rental companies that offer upgrades in exchange of tokens.
  • Enjoy exclusive club and event privileges based on tokens earned.
SeaCoast is also designed for you, if you want to be part of a 3.0 community interested in preserving the environment and enjoying maritime leisure responsibly and safely.
We have already started working on it….

SeaCoast sets sail with three apps